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    January 7th 2022

We now know that cryptocurrencies are a virtual currency alternative to government currencies, i.e. outside the control of central banks, using alternative circuits, the blockchain, to exist. Moreover, they can be exchanged with any other “traditional” currency. Our target was to make the exchange app easy to use and maintain the leagacy usability.

Web Design

User Insights

From this research, Weabers were able to conclude that most of the people buying cryptocurrencies today are men, around 30 years old. They spend about 1 hour (on average) each week monitoring their portfolio, and can invest a lot of money if they trust the platforms they use, especially with the motivation to make money without doing much. Therefore, the most successful features are those that guarantee automatic returns. These people use more than 3 platforms to do so, most of them using Bitso as an access to others not accepting MXN.

Web Design

We will create

a new simple, user-friendly platform with automated processes that allows you to invest your money in cryptocurrencies in a simple and didactic way, from deposits in local currency (MXN) to the purchase of the chosen cryptocurrencies, with a visualization system that allows our users to track their savings in confidence.

Hypothesis: We believe that by creating a unique educational application for cryptocurrency and FIAT currency management for crypto lovers, newbies or not, we will open up access to this other world to many people who were previously reluctant, build their loyalty and make cryptocurrency part of their daily life and saving habits.

Customer Journey : We developed a happy path for our users within the platform. This happy path, to better represent the functionalities of the app, and because of the time spent on the development of the app, does not include onboarding. It includes the connection of other banks to the app to show the general functioning of the solution, but the design will only show the app of a user who has already connected his bank account to the app.

Design System
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